For Sale

For Sale

Amy July 12, 2018

You know when everything gets a bit crazy, and for 5 minutes you just need to seek sanctuary in something completely mindless and mentally re-group? Yeah, so, as much as I hate mobile phones, and how relentlessly humans are bound to these anti-social black rectangles; I am also fickle and weak, and my new favourite ‘down-time’ thing is looking at the awesome stuff people advertise on Facebook’s ‘Marketplace’ .

These are a collection of my most recent favourites, because I feel this is a bandwagon everyone should be jumping on, and you’ll see what I mean…

Showing that alcoholism can not only be organised, but profitable. Brilliant! Pushing the boundaries here and making people think differently about their recycling box.

‘Marketplace’ is also quite an inspirational online space where people see potential in ways perhaps others wouldn’t. There’s always something to take away from it. I’m growing as a person.

Artistry ….. all around. I think it’s an original.

A study in crochet. It’s always difficult to know quite how to make garden furniture assimilate with its surroundings, but I think this really works. And for £10!

Through experience, I don’t believe that’s quite how it works, but maybe there is a not so obvious depth? We are all indeed unique, ‘handmade’, one-of-a-kind.

And it’s true, they are free to make, but thereafter it seems that’s the only bit associated with these products that is….

If in doubt: ten pounds.

Ten pounds.

There are generous souls too on this site! The man giving these away will drive round to your house and deliver it to you…for free! Totally recommend and totally legit. Just don’t ask him what the banging from inside his boot is all about. It seems to make him cross.

Aww, bless you! ‘xxxx’ too. Ten pounds.

Ten pounds, but look at that awesome paving slab arrangement! The proliferation of hard paving in our environment is increasingly becoming a problem due to the large amount of surface run-off it creates, eventually leading to flooding in some areas. It’s great to see more people taking this issue seriously.

Now this swing seat is maybe a bit more pricey, moving away from the popular ‘ten pounds’ pricing strategy, however the ‘visual’ of the quality of its previous occupant I think is all the explanation we need.

It’s the framing of the subject in this one that really does it for me.

Similarly, ‘colour and context’ is bang on the money here.

So you see why I encourage you to join me in this ‘mindless pursuit’, when you can see and learn so much.

Life is beautiful. Live it well.

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