Merry Christmas


Even though I’m a ‘grown up’, Father Christmas doesn’t visit the way he used to, and my current school doesn’t do nativity plays, I still get childishly excited around this time of year, and now it is Christmas Eve the butterflies have already started!

It is true what they say though – I’m starting to find as I grow older and perhaps wiser that the best kind of excitement at Christmas derives from the giving – not the receiving. It is finding that one special item for a loved one that shows how much you care, and how much thought has gone in to finding/making them the perfect gift…

Which is why I can not wait until tomorrow morning to see Neil’s eyes light up when he unwraps his ‘Barbie Mini-Van’ and ‘glitter fun’ accessories.

I just know he’s going to love them!

So here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I have a sneaking suspicion that 2008 might be a good one….

Christmas Silliness

Well – it didn’t take long! Litres of neon yellow paracetemol laced lemony liquid, a dozen naps on the sofa interjected with the American Pie trilogy, a comforting dinner of pasta and sausages –¬†and I’m feeling fit as a fiddle!

Just as well seeing as it was our Christmas Lunch in the Development Plans Team today – and in the true spirit of the festive season we became characters of the nativity – cast list as follows:

Star Of Bethlehem: Mr Jim Dunning (Boss)

Mary: Mrs Diane McGloin

Joseph: Mr Graham Ritchie

Shepard 1 : Miss Helen Smaldon

Shepard 2: Work Experince person Samantha

Reindeer: Mr Edward Rehill

King 1: Miss Amy Turner

King 2: Mrs Jane Ireland (Sadly missing from photo as she was walking her dog)

King 3: Ms Sue Griffin

Angel Gabriel: Mr Iain Lock

Angel 2: Miss Adeline Santos

Scared Onlooker in tinsel hard hat: Mr Lawrence Munyuki


Cold Christmas

This week I got a cold.

Quite disappointing seeing that I had been doing so well up until now, avoiding anyone with a sniffle or a sneeze, taking my pre/probiotic omega 3 packed multi vitamin ultra sonic make-you-go-faster-or-your-money-back drink religiously every morning, I have been eating all of the vegetables that have been put on my dinner plate (now that I do the washing, it is less tempting to hide them in my socks as I did at age eight) and I even have been leaving my desk every time my boss coughed without covering his mouth – although I now fear my colleagues think I’m incontinent…

The only thing I can put my finger on, is that this last weekend I let myself go a little – not as in the wearing my pyjama’s to Sainsbury’s or breaking wind in public sense (not that this is something a lady would ever do…) – but I just let myself have a couple of days to forget about all the things that need doing, or ironing, or writing, or sending, or making – and it was glorious! It is however largely unfortunate that whenever I take a sabbatical from all of the other things in my life, it appears fate wants to fill this void of acitivity by giving me a bug.

If I’m honest, tickets to see the Lion King or a voucher for a Shaitsu Massage would be far preferable, but I imagine seeing as its nearly Christmas, fate probably has its work cut out reuniting mischevious youngsters lost in New York with their mothers in front of the Rockafeller Center Christmas Tree, or finding Christmas Elves their Biological Parents (have I been watching too much Christmas TV?)…

Still, as my very wise friend Jim advised me – Colds remind us not to take for granted our health – and that admittedly, is something I am inclined to do.

So instead of feeling sorry for myself , I’m going to keep taking my lemsip and will try and remember when my temperature has gone down and I have stopped walking into things, how nice that feels – despite the obvious amusement I appear to be causing those around me, particularly when I managed to walk away with one foot in Diane’s waste paper basket…

So I shall leave you for now and promise to be back when I am running on full juice again…

That is unless I find also find a bucket to kick…