Simple joys

I have a car.

Not a very big car but I love it for the simple fact that it means I can go anywhere I want, whenever I want, and I miss it dearly when it occasionally its checked in at the car doctors. Unfortunately this has been a little bit too frequent of late following a service, things being taken out, new bits being put back in and the odd bit of re-spraying after some delightful individual decided to make their mark with a particularly sharp object…3 times.

So although I love my car it has felt like it has been eating my money faster than I have been able to earn it.  For the time being therefore, I’m trying to be good, not giving in to that fabulous jacket thing I saw in the sale today (we totally bonded) and instead have thrown myself into finding appreciation in the simple pleasures of life. And this hasn’t been too hard at all actually. Today has been a rather good one where happiness has been…

Finding cherries for £1 for 2lbs in the fruit market


Finding that even though my peg bag died I had just enough left over curtain material to whip up a new one


White flowers in a jug on the kitchen window sill


My much loved and much used Hummingbird Bakery cook book


And the lovely banana loaf recipe that I have fallen in love with


And what is more my husband comes home on Monday after a week away in Milwaukee and I can’t wait to see him. I’m totally good being on my own, but having him around is just so much funner!

Plus I have a bridesmaids dress to fit in next Saturday and when it comes to banana loaf (particularly warm with custard) I require supervision…

Moving on and getting inspired

acorn street

I get the greatest kick out of feeling like I’m making progress, and it sometimes doesn’t even matter what with. Even having got through my massive pile of ironing this evening has left me feeling a bit clever, and deriving such a sense of achievement out of this means I will ultimately be beside myself tomorrow if I can pull off the chicken stew recipe I have set my sights on.  Lord knows what will happen if I also manage to hoover the hall. I might need an early night…

On a actually slightly more truely exciting note, I have achieved my first tiny baby step in breaking it into the ‘creative’ workplace after the very talented Emma Lappin has agreed to give me some experience  and a valuable insight into what it is like to be a florist in demand. I’m hoping to soak up a bit of inspiration and see where it takes me – something I consider to be rather prudent following news at my current place of employment of the latest budget cuts, which has left me feeling a tad uncertain but also happily curious about the future unknown.

So for now I’m holding on to my hat, feeling inspired, and grateful that things are moving forward- and for lots of other people too right now.

Oh, and by the way the photo of one of my favourite places – Beacon Hill in Boston. I defy anyone to visit there and not want a piece of this very hip and happening (in a lovely twee sort of way) part of this city.  I definitely need to go back there when I have saved enough for a good camera and have learnt how to use it too. It is a really great place to get ‘ideas’ though and I have a whole collection of photos of shop signs and streets and even someone’s dog…

It’s a cool dog. I’d like a dog like that. I’d call it Graham.