Girls just wanna have fun

And failing, that make the best of when your Mother takes you to Basildon Park…


Kate and I took a turn around our local National Trust property Basildon Park yesterday, as we both found ourselves at a loose end and rather fancying some fresh air. The daring sorts we are, we ate rusks by the ha ha, Kate indulged herself in a bit of manual mowing (new favourite past time), we both waved at the trees (much to the amusement of some sensible sorts wearing moccasins), and then Kate fell asleep in her chariot while I sat and watched the world go by overlooking the Berkshire countryside. This was purely self indulgent and wonderful! One thing you don’t get an awful lot of time for looking after a small person (fantastic though it is!), and having been an only child I realise is something I often took for granted, is the opportunity for head space. This blog is of course equally self indulgent but exercises the same opportunity, to have a good old fashioned think. How I have missed it.


katemowingAnyway I have to say I returned from our escapade a much jollier person, having cleared the debris to make room for some new plans of action. So much so in fact, Kate and I have booked in another session next week.

I am only grateful that Basildon Park has large expanses of lawn so we don’t create bald spots, and there are an abundance of trees to greet to keep the experience fresh. We are now also bidding on some grown up and mini moccasins to blend in with the other weekday patrons.

Kate has also put her name down for a course on 17th century basket weaving. Girl after my own heart.

A richness of embarrassment

parking pigeons

Now this blog comes with several warnings.

The first is that if you should happen to acquire a small person, for reasons unfathomable,  you appear to spend more time in one’s local supermarket (although an insatiable appetite and inability to remember anything may be to blame). This has became apparent from a) my monthly statement b) the amount of nectar points I appear to have acquired and c) a small survey conducted amongst other acquaintances who also care for individuals weighing less than 30lbs.

Now aside from wondering what your life has become when you consider if you should be promoted from a ‘parent and child’ parking space to an area designated for residents, all stories that you now have to share all start with ‘when I was at Sainsbury’s’….

It’s a funny thing, I was at Sainsbury’s the other day, and having returned to my ‘parent and child’ parking bay laden with goodies, I spotted what appeared to be a new Mum parked next to me, who was now attempting to unfurl her buggy from it’s collapsed state. Now we have all been there – trying to attempt to master a piece of child rearing equipment in full public view and the wretched thing will not be tamed – and so I really should have known better. However, for some reason a wave of cockiness overcame me, and so now a pro of 8 months, I decided to nonchalantly flick the release button on my own wheels, fold them up neatly in the blink of an eye, and pop them in the car.

Or at least that was the plan.

Instead I caught my hair in the buggy basket, trapped my head in the folding mechanism, smacked my lip on the car seat bracket, and bled all over the (incredibly useful but rather staining) retractable sunshade. Such a spectacle did I make, the Mum next to me who had now assembled her buggy in this time, came over to me and offered to release me from my travel system incarceration. To my shame she did this with incredible ease, and even played with Kate whilst I mopped up my spillages.

So I end with two warnings 1) If you are thinking about having children, it is worth doing a comparison as to which points card offers you the best deals and 2) never assume you have child rearing in the bag, because you could end up sitting shame faced in your car nursing a fat lip and sucking on a wet wipe.

You’re welcome.

What a difference a year makes


Well, it’s been more than another year since anything was written here, which tells me one of two things – either I have serious commitment issues or that perhaps time lack of time should really see me throw in the towel on this space and relinquish ALBD to a line of internet history. My stubborn streak however remains strong, and here I am once again vowing that I will do better this time around, and heavens I have missed somewhere to exercise my eclectic thoughts. Let’s see if I can get better at commitment.

So the past year has seen many a change, a move to Boston (MA) previously on the cards wasn’t meant to be, and so we threw ourselves into our latest renovation project which is of a much greater magnitude than before – mostly requiring planning permission! Then in May last year we found out that 2 was to become 3, and the rest has been a bit of a whirlwind! I was fortunate to find a job up until my due date with these noble fellows, and then on 9th January this year, Kate Elizabeth Ferguson burst her way into the world at 22.52 weighing a healthy 8lbs 10oz.

Kate is now 8 months old and life will never be the same. And I wouldn’t wish it otherwise.

I hope that I can begin to catalogue some of our endeavours into the world of parenting, of which Kate already appears to be a competent critic. Indeed, on receiving a bowl of lovingly made fruit porridge, we genuinely believe a taste test by junior Ferguson produced her first word.


Let the adventures begin…