Sometimes not much happens

Sometimes not much happens. This has been one of those times.

You are always learning stuff though. This week I have learnt that mental preoccupation can mean that you spend a whole day, including expeditions outside the house, with only one sock on – initially because you can’t mentally cope with putting the other one on, then latterly because you forget where it is.

I have also learnt that sometimes sadness can lead to an unexpected motivation to make rock cakes, happiness can make you volunteer to organise a Suffragette event, and always be prepared to rediscover an AMAZING old favourite tune via the tannoy in Dunelm Mill.

The small one is also a font of knowledge. In my advancing years I am definitely more cynical than I would like, but this ‘5 years a human being’ is an absolute pro at keeping me check. “Why is that little boy crying Mummy?”, (observing a tantrum in full swing), “I think he’s not getting his own way my Darling”, “Oh… well maybe he’s feeling poorly and he thought that lolly was some medicine?”

Maybe the future isn’t quite as bleak as everyone seems to make out.

Repeating numbers

Every now again, I have these times where I’m really aware of the frequency and consistency my attention is drawn to repeating numbers. I’ll notice this most when I’m checking the time; it will be 14:14 on the clock, but then the next time I get a chance to look it will be 14:41, and then 15:15….

This pattern will also be on the time stamps of messages, on signs, on things I get through the post, on buses that drive past! And it’s not even here and there either, it will literally be one thing after another!

So weird.

If you Google the phenomenon, apparently it could be the universe trying to tell me something, or I’m on the cusp of an auspicious event. That would be nice. I haven’t particularly got my belief system nailed down yet, but I think it pays to be open minded about things, just in case. I mean, it would be sad to dismiss something just because you don’t understand it, or it doesn’t make sense, because then you could be missing out.

So universe, do what you will…but, seriously, how long did it take some product designer to come up with a container that holds exactly 888ml of washing liquid?


I just come here for therapy now.

You can also buy a ‘Slappa’ in a choice of colours.