23 things I need to rein in

  1. My admiration of well pedicured feet (I know people can see me looking – but how do they make their feet look pretty?).
  2. The amount of time spent reading posts such as ‘the definitive ranking of banana flavoured things on Buzzfeed (regardless of how compelling and potentially useful this information may be).
  3. My obsession with Gabriel Macht.
  4. And Suits.
  5. Or possibly just Gabriel Macht.
  6. The number of times I tell people my interesting hedge trimming fact (not a euphemism).
  7. The need for all curtains to be striped.
  8. Number of Peppa Pig episodes watched.
  9. Excitement at finding an episode of Peppa Pig I have not yet seen.
  10. Need to sort smarties into colour groupings then eat them in order of the white light spectrum.
  11. An inner itch to knock over the plates display in John Lewis (afraid one day I will).
  12. My secret delight in sometimes hiding my husband’s slippers.
  13. My love of filling in visitor books.
  14. The frequency with which I listen to this song.
  15. Smelling chlorine on my arms after swimming.
  16. My prejudice towards people who incorrectly pronounce ‘aitch’.
  17. A growing obsession with watching the man who is always cleaning his camper van.
  18. An enjoyment of chewing wooden coffee stirrers.
  19. My predilection that a cup of tea looks lonely without a biscuit.
  20. An uncontrollable urge to make lists of everything on Google ‘Keep’.
  21. And my blog.
  22. Re-homing slugs found on our allotment plot to other peoples.
  23. Never going to bed early enough.

Night then.

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