4 May

4 May

Amy May 4, 2014

May the 4th be with you.

Today was lovely. Kate and I attended the Christening of my friend’s daughter Savannah-Rose at our local church. The sun shone on their family, and the service was tremendous and very geared up for the children, with lots of singing, tambourine shaking and flag waving. Kate had a whale of a time, and almost clapped herself to sleep at one point, she was so worn out with enthusiasm.

At the end of each service the Minister asks the congregation to remember people in the local community, and today he asked us to think of those attending the nursery school where my Mum is a teacher. Unbeknown to the Minister our prayers are needed perhaps more now than at any other time, as there is a little girl in their care at the moment who is beautiful and vibrant, but very poorly.

So as I sat with my cuddly toddler on my knee, my heart broke for that Mummy and her baby who but don’t know how many more cuddles they will have. How incredibly and indescribably sad. I think of them often. I don’t know if any of this works, but please think of them too.

So the rest of the day sort of took on a new impetus and away from its intended course. My ironing didn’t get done. But we all had a great time playing with the brick truck in the garden.

God bless.

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