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Amy January 18, 2008

There is nothing like having a busy head to make you feel completely useless.

In the past week I have managed to fall on butt twice from not looking where I was going (one instance I was particularly grateful for being female as it involved a bollard), I have almost driven all the way home without remembering to turn my lights on, I have spelt my name incorrectly on official documents, forgotten my age during security checks, and have (on more than one account) performed the classic ‘make myself a cup of tea and then walk back to my desk and leave it in the kitchen’.    

It seems that now my life has reached its tipping point ( as I had predicted) I am now on ‘constant gallop’ mode with little time to slow down until I reach the finishing line. Indeed anything involving any sort of personal care or maintenance has fallen by the wayside, as I dress according to what’s on the back of the chair, I have worn wellingtons to work several days this week having not noticed, and the hair…well…is just not worth discussing. Fortunately my friend Helen thought I was going for more of a ‘punk look’…

I must however give credit where credit is due. Neil has been superb in picking up all of the balls as I drop them (metaphorically speaking of course), has been a demon at the ironing board and even managed to stifle his amusement to a faint whimper when I arrived at the front door – COVERED in mud – having slid down the front lawn, again, whilst not looking where I was going.

The boy’s done good.

On a different note, and one that makes the constant rain and grey skies seem far less gloomy, my friend James and his wife Rachel have just had a baby boy! Finlay (Muffin) Thomas Archbald Smith arrived into the world at 12:13 am on January the 18th and all reports suggest he is good and healthy. Congratulations to you both, I hope I get to meet Finlay soon!

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