8 May

8 May

Amy May 9, 2014

On this day my Mum arrived on this earth,  I was married, and victory was declared in Europe. 

Not bad all round.

Oh and here are some step by step instructions for obtaining rose water if you are making a cake requiring said ingredient, but your local retail outlet doesn’t have any in stock:

  1. Attend new toddler group
  2. Befriend a Mum newly arrived from Australia (preferably her shipping containers will have arrived that morning).
  3. Randomly drop into conversation your need for rose water.
  4.  Find out she lives opposite your Auntie Thelma.
  5. Force feed your toddler the remains of their apple and blackcurrant to free up a suitable container.
  6. Drop by new friend’s house and load up on prized ingredient purchased in Melbourne (be sure to compliment new friend on giant pouffe).
  7. Wheel toddler and rose water towards home.
  8. Temporarily forget where ingredient is stored. Feel slightly guilty as toddler resorts to licking buggy handle for relief.
  9. Buy carton of apple juice from newsagents in a bid to remedy situation.
  10. Arrive home and make cake.

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