A Friday post

A Friday post

Amy September 14, 2007

Aaaah! Today I am suffering from writers block,

Possibly tiredness or worrying about my wedding frock,

You see tomorrow two friends are tying the knot,

And I’ve got the outfit, the shoes, but not

the right undergarment that won’t peep above my clothes

 – Just have to pop to M&S I suppose.

Looking forward though to seeing M*C and Gary,

standing up at the altar as they agree to marry,

and then there will be the flowers, the bridesmaids, the cars, the rings,

and relatives crying and hats and things,

and then the reception after that in a lovely spot,

think its called ‘Blake Hall’ unless I forgot,

which is in Essex – yes, tomorrow we head East!

Good luck Neil with my map reading! (I’ll have my specs at least) ,

but we’ll leave early anyway so we don’t miss our pew,

otherwise I’ll become that someone Gary ‘knew’,

and I don’t want that because he’s a lovely friend,

and to the happy couple I hereby send,

my congratulations – good luck to you both on your special day!,

I’ll be there cheering (underwear not on display),

So see you tomorrow when you become man and wife,

Here’s wishing you all the best in life!

P.S This was my third attempt at trying to post,

And normally it is trouble free writing most,

But today I sat here for a fair old time

And all that came out appeared to rhyme,

So I finally concluded ‘sod it’, if this is how it’ll be

This blog will be entirely

written in verse – so I decided not to stress,

what will be here on Monday is anyone’s guess…

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