A random jumble of things

A random jumble of things

Amy November 22, 2007

It has been so busy lately that this afternoon has arrived and I have found myself quite lacking in steam! In an attempt to recover the situation therefore I have decided to take respite in ALBD, hoping that punching out a few words here may help restore some sort of productive momentum (although it is likely I will finish writing this and just go and get the Chunky Kit Kat I have been fanatsising about since half past nine)…

Having sat here with the intention to ‘write myself better’ however, it appears I am incapable of stringing together thoughts and words in any sort of coherent manner. In addition, anything notable that has happened doesn’t appear to bare any sort of relationship to each other, making writing about them even more tricky.

So here is a collection of random musings gathered during the past week, written in a very wonky order, and shared with you for the soul reason that writing nonsense does for my brain what a hot bath does for the scab on my knee – left to soak long enough the flakey bits fall off and you’ll get back to the good stuff.

Or here’s hoping…

 – I am becoming officially older than my time. Last night I attended a Mothers Union Christmas Flower Arranging evening with my ‘old’ and her friends.

Hard Core.

Not only did I observe the demonstrations with great interest (particularly how you pin Gladeoli onto oasis in a basket composition), but having had my ticket drawn in the raffle – did I opt for the bottle of Port on the prize table? No. I took home a ‘Festive Wreath’.

– I have spent a lot of time sitting in traffic recently as the smart people who work at the DfT (Department for Transport or as in our Planning Office ‘Dangerous – fear Them’) have decided it necessary to cone off sections of the M4, causing huge traffic jams and tailbacks lasting for miles in order that they can install electronic signs warning motorists of congestion.


This (surprisingly) however has not been my major gripe of the roads lately, but rather the behaviour people display in their cars – something that has proved to be a greater bugbear now that I am sat stationary next to these people for ever increasing periods of time. Now there has been all sorts of anti-social behaviour that I have witnessed, from booming stereos in rude boy cars (meaning I can not properly follow the debate on radio four as to the state of European turnip farming), to couples fornicating at traffic lights in a most indiscreet manner when there is a ‘Holiday Inn’ only at the next junction.

My least favourite display of innappropriate personal conduct however is people picking their nose in their cars. Now I can’t think why this is necessary for the very reason that one should always carry  a tissue or a hankerchief in order to prevent any nasal debris compromising a social situation.

Furthermore, you may be in an enclosed and private space, but in what other situation in life are you surrounded by a 360 wall of glass and mirrors? Surely you are at your most conspicuous when in a car – so why extract your crusties there? It is thoroughly beyond my comprehension! I also wish to place an ASBO on those drivers on the A329M slip road who think it appropriate to either store their boogers somewhere within their vehicle, or who use the facility of an electric window to sneakily flick the offending snot out of the car – and once – onto mine. I ended up having to do 4 miles over the speed limit on the Coppid Beech Roundabout just so it would blow off of my passenger side wing mirror.

I was not happy.

– I bought a new winter coat over the weekend which is an ‘Animal’ Pink and Brown affair,  is very cosy, and I am thoroughly delighted with it and its many handy pockets. I wore it for the first time on Monday, stepping out jauntily and feeling quite the business in my new apparel – until I walked into the office where my 60+ /trainspotter/ pac-a-mac boss commented on ‘how nice my new anorak’ was.

– I am going to my first swing/jive dance lesson tonight – further proof that I am a girl of the times and like to keep up with all of the latest crazes! I’m not sure what to expect of an evening of being spun round in giddy circles in time to music, but I reckon it will sure beat former plans of writing an essay then Spaghetti Bolognaise in front of ‘Watchdog’.

Plus I like something a little bit different.

There….that feels better.

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