My name is Amy Ferguson. I am a mum, a wife, an ex Town Planner and Social Media Consultant, a list enthusiast, and I can’t bare avocados. I live just outside of Reading in the UK, and three doors down from my childhood home. Accidentally.

I currently hold the position ‘Director of Operations’ for my family and eschew any such terms as ‘housewife and ‘stay at home mum’. Not that I find these particularly offensive, but rather I am fairly ADHD about going places and learning as much as I can about anything, everything and nothing in particular, and so am rarely at home.

My theory about life is to live it as if it were one continuous bucket list. I hope this will rub off on our daughter ‘Kate’ (aka ‘The Toddler’) who currently also seems to prefer to be outside rather than in.

I have a lovely husband called Neil who is very patient. I know this having carried out rigorous testing. He actually is my best friend. Marvellous isn’t it?

This blog was born out of a love to write and a need to put my many rambling thoughts into words, however random they turn out to be.

This space has been woefully neglected at times, but this year I made a promise to myself – to write regularly and as though no one is reading, because quite frankly that is not the point.

I am very privileged to have been given the opportunity to spend my every day with our daughter, and watching her growing up into an incredible human being has been life changing. But I won’t lie – it can be overwhelming at times, and occasionally I have been so swept up by it all, I’ve been afraid there wouldn’t be anything left of me to give our bright and beautiful little girl.

And so, selfishly, here is a little bit of me, for me, warts and all.

I don’t know where life (or writing for that matter) might take me hereon. I have great ambitions I am sitting on until the time is right. Will I be able to pull them off who knows?  But whatever the future has intended, I hope it may turn out to be a little bit different.

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