Amy September 19, 2007

I am a bit of a fan of the English weather in that it appears strictly independent of anything else dictating the time of year. Last week, despite being mid September with kids already back at school and Halloween costumes decorating the window at Woolies, it was most definitely summer still, and one could stroll out quite happily without a cardigan and not feel nervous.

This week however is Autumn. I woke up on Monday to an unexpected gloom, a stark contrast to the piercingly bright light normally spilling out from the sides of our bedroom curtains, and not wishing to turn a light on and wake Neil, I was left to rifle about for clothes to wear and ended up putting on my make-up using the light of a mobile phone. This has led me to remember three things about Amy morning preparation in the darkness of Autumn/Winter:

1. Clothes are not always as they seem. Not only might the clothing you chose to wear appear a completley different colour in the dark, but the billowing shirt you attempt to make fit your body might not even be yours. If this mistake is only realised however when you have reached your car, always take a jumper with you to cover up all evidence of wearing mens clothing so no-one will notice.

2. Approach blusher application cautiously in dimmly lit conditions. The ‘rosy glow’ you were going for has the potential to look like ‘fell asleep on sunbed’ if you don’t make sufficient compensation for illumination levels. 

3. Never attempt to use anything aerosol related unless you can access a light bulb or are in a well ventilated area. Inability to see the direction of the nozzle may lead to temporary blindness, deafness, coughing/sneezing fits, suffocation of ones sleeping partner, misting of ones mirror, and in my case, mortification that instead of having long and glossy locks I had instead deodorised hair.

Now I have cottoned on to the above hopefully I can make the necessary preparations the night before so my mornings run more smoothly – although this is slightly wishful thinking considering I barely have enthusiasm to even move when I get home, let alone be organised.

So all I can do is stop whinging about the dark mornings and enjoy the prettiness of the Autumnal leaves, the crispness of the morning air, the dew on cobwebs, the deep orange sunsets and cosy nights in beside the fire (or in our case cosy nights in by the fan oven which gives a very similar effect – particularly if I’m cooking).

Oh, and be grateful that I like Neil’s taste in clothing….

2 thoughts on “And….Autumn!

  1. Sometimes I do, but I’m normally not with it enought in the morning to drag all of the necessary equipment (and there is a lot!)into the Bathroom and the only place to put anythign is on top of the loo seat and it all rolls off…its hard work being a girl…

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