Springy things

If I was running a GP practice, I would set aside a reasonable budget for growbags, seeds and bulbs for my patients, because they are quite literally the equivalent of health insurance. I really don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t feel just a tad bouncy if they planted something and ‘ta da’, up pops something stunning, and living, and good for everyone and everything, and it’s really easy to do!?

These bobby dazzlers are out and making my bay window border a bit spesh, and I’ve got some irises and snowdrops on the way by the looks of things. Yay!

I’m getting a bit preachy, but the joy of writing to yourself is no one cares, and you don’t have to watch as the ‘real people’ glaze over. Genius.

Green and pleasant land

West Green Gardens - Hartley Witney

A family day out to West Green Gardens in Hartley Whitney for a bit of R&R and inspiration for our own garden project we hope pursue once our house extension is completed this summer.

Despite the rain we had a lovely mooch found, Kate worked on a refinement of her walking skills and indulged in some gravel appreciation (her current passion), while us ‘grown ups’ had the opportunity to genuinely catch up and spend time as the friends we are – a rare luxury given that everything has gotten so busy lately.

Kate walking at West Green Gardens - Hartley Witney

Clipped hornbeam under planted with box, areas of wild flower meadow, fountains flowing into cascades and rills, formal borders interspersed with splashes of colour in benches and obelisks.

Clipped hornbeam - West Green Gardens, Hartley Witney

Formal walled courtyard - West Green Gardens, Hartley Witney

Can’t wait to get out my trowel and get stuck in!

Aspirations for a twee corner

There is very little point in denying that my vision of heaven is one of twee – cream teas on the lawn, bunting billowing in amongst some apple trees, (ideally mute) children fishing for minnows in the stream, and cow parsley growing in between the mechanics of an artistically placed item of agricultural equipment.

Unfortunately I think I am a little way off from achieving my ‘celestial vision’ at the moment, but I do have very serious plans for creating a twee corner in my garden. Indeed the hunt has already begun for suitable¬†artefacts on which to place potted white Diascia, native Bluebells, Lavendula, Hydrangea, and perhaps a G&T thrown in for good measure. Heaven wouldn’t be heaven without a spirit mixer. I’d probably consider hell if I knew they served Gordon’s.

Today’s featured Twee Corner is in Beacon Hill in Boston, MA which itself is the epitome of what I live for. It took everything I had to get on that plane. Immigration has a lot to thank ‘Duty Free’ for.