Fortunately, Unfortunately

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Amy June 8, 2011


Those who have ever watched Outnumbered will be familiar with the game ‘Fortunately, Unfortunately’ in which players take turns to tell a story using these prefixes. Today has very much felt like one of those days. I’m going for the one player version.

Fortunately the sun was shining!

Unfortunately only long enough for me to hang the washing out…

Fortunately most of it has managed to dry since!

Unfortunately I have inadvertently created a new generation of sock orphans…

Fortunately in a jacket pocket I finally found the piece of paper for the ring cleaning service!

Unfortunately in the meantime I have become allergic to both my wedding and engagement ring…

Fortunately we have found a house, in budget we really quite like!

Unfortunately for the Toy Boy it is only 3 houses away from his in-laws…

We view it on Friday, let discussions commence.

This isn’t something you cover in marriage classes.

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