Amy February 29, 2008

Well…Friday was weird.

It started out perfectly normally – alarm went off, lots of grumbling, had an a.m. bath as I couldn’t find the energy to stand up and wash, found some clothes that didn’t shout at each other, explored the food stores to find a sachet of cuppa soup that would do for lunch and piled out the front door.

The next bit got interesting. Lets just say a combination of a slighly dodgy gear stick and a useless handbreak not-so-happily combined today sending my car rolling away from its designated car parking space with me gripping onto it, before very slowly – but surely kissing another car, pushing it backwards into some hedges! Fortunately all involved were unscathed, but I was a bit shaken, and having left a note I braced myself all day for being yelled at. So far however, I have not had a visit nor a phone call, and as the car rolled back at the most 2ft, I’m hoping our small incident this morning will be left at just that. Plus the other person had driven off within 15 mins of it happening. Awesome dent in the bush though!


So after calling the office to explain about my mini adventure, I worked from home today where all else went without a glich – but that sadly doesn’t make for good blogging material. It has been pretty wet today though….


which was kind of perfect weather for writing policy consultations.

At lunch time I took a bit of respite and thought I’d really push the boat out (as if my life wasn’t exciting enough!) and iron some sheets. With my squirty water squirter and the base of the iron I created an unintentional smiley face…


This evening has largely been spent in conversation, as after a lovely long chat with Neil who I’m very much looking forward to seeing on Monday, I then spoke to my Mum, and then Neil’s Mum – and after that made some curry.

All I can say is that I suspect Janet probably isn’t vegetarian after seeing her tuck into her Saag Masala…


Hooray for the weekend! Will keep you updated!

One thought on “Friday

  1. I am amazed the other car owner didn’t get in touch! Love the hole in the bush – I was hot from behind once though and when I said, I, my passengers and car was ok (it was neville the sunny) the other driver went off like a whippet – a suspected case of driving without insurance me thinks!

    Speak soon – got your email and will reply 🙂

    Love to Janet.

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