I love

I love

Amy June 11, 2011

A cup of tea and a biscuit on a rainy afternoon.

My new blue shoes for £8

Adopted succulents (thank you Emma!) on my windowsill

Spent another great day with the girls at the Potting Shed and then Lainston House Hotel which is the most stunning of wedding venues! The talented Mr Whitmore also kindly joined us – can’t wait to see the (am sure) beautiful photos he’s taken for the Potting Shed blog which will be up and running soon and am very excited about! Good times.

The pyjamas went on at approximately 16.37, forgot to get anything proper out of the freezer so it’s omelettes for supper, now waiting for the Toy Boy to return home after painting a chimney and trying not to eat all the biscuits in the meantime.

Should we put an offer in on that house?

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