It’s a waiting game

It’s a waiting game

Amy May 15, 2011

Currently on the list:

  1. News of visas
  2. Destination of potential far flung adventure
  3. Purchase of the ‘New Palace’
  4. Start dates for the money making work
  5. For reversible jumpers to make a come back
  6. Invitation to Royal Wedding

I can only assume it was lost in the post.

My patience is severely being tested. All things to get excited about are dragging their heels in the most excruciating of ways.

Still, I can at least make a personal effort on the reversable jumpers front. I’m sure I still have one lingering in the loft somewhere sporting the Eurotunnel bunny. I have decided this is the only answer to my unerring propensity for wearing food without having to do the washing so often.

I’m all about the eco.

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