Amy January 6, 2018

Always a bit of a bleak month, but now softened with the build-up, excitement and organisation of the small one’s birthday celebrations. This 5th year involves wrangling the hundred pieces that will arrive as a cabin bed kit, alan key; weapon of choice. 

Bleak is actually a grower. The normal tromp around ‘my field’ and Sulham has inspired new loves in its naked form. And as I have little doubt what I write is a conversation with myself now, here, I can indulge my latest obsession with lichen, guilt free! It’s beautiful, and useful, and prolific, and it can tell you about what’s going on in the air, and you can eat some of it, and it doesn’t even give up when it doesn’t get much action. 

It’s like the Jennifer Aniston of fungus. 

Can’t quite believe I’m typing this. 

Started doing ‘happy things’ to be listed in groups of three at bath time. I’m bringing them here:

1. It has been outrageously sunny

2. I went on an walk with Foundation class, and one of the children’s ‘observations of winter’ was that a dog turd had frozen over.

3. Dawn French as an author.

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