Amy March 6, 2008

A little belatedly (the return of the missing no.7 resident has been quite a distraction), here is my account of Monday to complete the ‘my day in four’ series.

I took the day off on Monday as I knew with Neil coming home there would be very little chance any work would get done, and despite every intention to crack on with a few uni assignments, my instinct was right! Indeed I was just a little bit excited on Monday and woke up ridiculously early, opening the curtains to find another beautiful day on the other side.


Having made myself respectable to the outside world I did a little bit of shopping, posted some letters and then waited for news that Neil’s plane had landed. Finally at 11:55am it did (having been rather delayed) and within a few hours he was home safe and sound and with a present for me!

Not that I was at all expecting one at all…..

Or had sent him away with a list of acceptable gifts, my favourite colours and sizes in US and UK conversions….


Needless to say I was very happy with my new apparel!

After a fortnight apart Neil managed to stave off his jet lag long enough to catch up on the latest gossip with Janet. Here they are together…


So with Neil home once more and my source of sanity restored, Janet felt it an appropriate time to say her goodbyes, pack up her little watering can and head off home.


Wherever that might be….

2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Wow! Have just realised I’ve missed a week of regular updates! 😉 Loving the ‘Day in Four’ entries – now wondering what one of my days in four photos would look like. I might have to get creative! Glad the boy got back safely, I am most envious of his trip! Say hi to him for me. Best of luck to Janet in her new role too! Take care, see you soon, Cath xxx
    P.S. Nice wardrobes!

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