Moving on…

Moving on…

Amy May 5, 2011

That be it then – ‘The Palace’ (as featured) has been sold. Twice in fact, although we are very happy that it has gone to the lovely young couple (both work for the NHS, he – VERY shiny shoes, she – mixes high street with vintage very well) rather than the grouchy lady who’s brother-in-law interrogated us as to the fixings of our loft ladder. It’s funny what people ask on viewings, we’ve had all sorts from the traditional ‘how are the neighbours?’ to ‘will you be leaving the lightbulbs in the extractor hood’?

Yes, but we’ll be taking the coving with us.


Anyway that’s the good news. The bad news is that the person currently residing in the house of our dreams has not yet decided to put it on the market. Which house and where that may be has yet to be ascertained, but we’re trying to remain very philosophical and Kirstie Allsopp about it.

We did actually see a lovely little pile just a stone’s throw from the Middleton’s who we most certainly would be inviting round for tea (I hear they put on a lovely do). However on closer inspection it did need a lot of work and money throwing at it, and that is even before we come to the acro prop holding up the roof. It breaks my heart though to think what could have become of the alfresco bread oven….

So for now we are sitting tight, grateful to our buyers that they will hang on until January, and continue to build a photographic memory of the offerings on RightMove. In the meantime if you hear of anywhere celubrious in West Berkshire with a kitchen-diner, grazing for a modest alpacca herd and the potential for fibre to the cabinet (you have to throw them the odd bone every now and then) please do get in touch! We’d be most grateful.

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