Amy June 8, 2010


Well, we did it!


It still intrigues me as to the number of ways in which Neil and I differ from each other and yet still manage to coexist in abundant happiness. I for example and as (in Neil’s humble opinion) display reckless abandonment of crockery in the dishwasher and have no concept of the correct stacking procedure, whilst Neil (in my humble opinion) surprises me as to the number of things he can’t see and often requires ‘girl eyes’ to locate all manner of objects in drawers, wardrobes, sheds and the like.

To answer my own question however, I believe the origin of our ‘lots of smiling’ is that despite our numerous foibles, quirks and potential irritations, we just quite simply get on. This manifests itself on a daily basis as much giggling, bouncing, chatting – and I love nothing better than the time we spend each evening in the kitchen cooking dinner and having a good debate about whatever has come about during the day.

What has started to get me though is the number of times Neil and I say or think the same thing at the same time. It’s actually got to the point of ridiculous, and it’s a little bit freaky when the thing we’re thinking isn’t even relevant to a particular situation. Not sure how I can explain that one.

Neil and I both gave each other a card on our wedding day. Mine had a rustic heart on the front (much to my taste) and Neil’s had a ditty about a lucky biscuit (as you do). On opening these cards however the first lines both read ‘Well, we did it’.

And thank goodness we did.

I would like to thank everyone who could join us on the amazing day that the 8th May was and for all of the well wishes we received.

Also apologies about the rather soppy post, but if you can’t be soppy about your wedding day, when can you!

Be back soon.

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