Outside these four walls

Outside these four walls

Amy November 12, 2007

Well, its been an eventful time of late as my ‘not so busy’ job has turned into a ‘not enough time in the day’ state of madness, university deadlines seem to forever loom, the washing/ironing/tidying/cleaning point blank refuses to do itself, and with only one member of household staff to help carry the load, it has been a while since I have been able to surface and experience life outside these four walls…

Given the chance however, I have revelled in it.

Below is a picture of my friend Helen and I dancing a merry jig in a glorious burst of Autumn sunshine, which helped no end to lift me out of the sullen mood my busyness of late has created.


So enough of the ‘woe is me’, my battle plan now is just need to get my head down and work through this busy time so I can come out the other end and dance giddly circles in the sunshine once more.

Because its those sorts of things that are actually what life should be about…

And gives everything else much needed perspective.

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