The start of something ‘A Little Bit Different’.

Today I am starting anew.


It is a little difficult to explain, but here goes.

More has happened to me in the past few years than I could ever comprehend. It has been a terryifying, emotional, amazing and exhilarating experience. For all that I have learned, for all that I have seen and for all of the people I have met, it has changed me. I think for the better.

When I started to write Aimstation (my old site) I wasn’t long out of university, hadn’t got a handle on the real world and was more than a bit lost. I wrote about things that amused me, things that I thought were interesting and things that I thought might appeal to other people. I was never brave enough to _really_ write. I was never brave enough to really be me.

I have been experiencing an internal itch for a while now to try something else with my blog. Whenever I went back to post on Aimstation somehow I didn’t feel right. It had sort of come to represent me in a skin that no longer fitted.

It was time for something a little bit different.

So here it is. I’m not entirely sure what will come of my new approach to blogging. It is more of a personal experiment to see what happens in life when I am given a free rein of myself.

I just hope for blogging sake it turns out to be interesting….!