Eyes on the horizon

Eyes on the horizon

Amy December 29, 2010

One of my bestest friends and me - looking out to sea!

I was contemplating one of those ‘Oh my god, we’ve just had Christmas, where has the year gone’ type of posts, which would then result in the inevitable ‘It has been an ice age since I have written anything on here’…but somehow that doesn’t quite feel right.

Much in life is about looking back at what has been, which don’t get me wrong certainly has its place or the National Trust would seriously need to consider its business model. There are however times when the retrospective, the historical, anything that might fall under the category of ‘hindsight’ just doesn’t have a place in the ‘here’ and ‘now’.

So where am I going with all of this? After 5 years and 5 months at my current place of employment, I shall be hanging up my steel toe cap boots for the very last time on 28th January and saying good bye to a place that has come to mean so many different things to me.

Handing in my notice wasn’t the easiest decision. There is inevitably a comfortable nook you carve for yourself when you’ve been in a job for so long and it is scary once you’ve made the decision to lever yourself out….

But whereas fear is pretty much driving me to get a shift in finding a new way in the world, I’m trying not to be afraid. Being afraid is focusing too much on the before, on what was there, on what I’m leaving rather than what I’m walking towards….

So here is the start of something new, of something different, no looking back…

And taking heed from my embarrassingly cheesy iPod playlist (I ask you not to judge me), I think this change will indeed do me good.

The rest is still unwritten.

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