Sunny Shiny Happy


‘It’s all happening’. 

It really is.

2007 seems to be another one of those years where everything appears to be moving and rearranging,  a new door is teetering on its hinges waiting to be opened onto a new chapter, a new episode in this thing called life.  What next is in store is anyones guess, but for now I am content that after months of watching those dear to me experience endless worry and stress, things are looking up – and by appearances the sun has also decided to drop in for the occasion. 

Yesterday my friend Helen told me her man of 5 years had done the decent thing, had got down on one knee in the kitchen of their new house and popped the question. The result being a magnificent ring on the finger of this magnificent lady.

Congratulations Helen and Chris, wishing you a happy forever….

and Helen, I’ll look into a big BBQ! 

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