Amy August 8, 2007

Such is my fickle nature, with this post I will appear to perform a u-turn of opinion from my last. However the marked difference is in this post I share my delight of internet shopping – an experience so well thought about, so ingenious, so lifestyle compatible that you can experience it at its fullest whilst wearing your pyjama’s, drinking a mug of tea, and you don’t have to give two squats about the fact you have ‘happy hair’ this morning.

Most of items I buy these days are purchased on the internet. Although I know I should be buying things from local retailers and supporting ‘real stores’ which bring vitality to our ‘real streets’ (blah blah blah) , shopping on the internet means a) I don’t have to experience any of the trauma of the high street I formerly described and can get on with more worthwhile activities, b) things are quite often better value online, c) a smiley courier will deliver my purchase to my doorstep in exchange for a quick squiggle (that would be a signature…) d) if a shop is worth its salt it will have a website anyway (our local butchers is very handy in that way).  

One of my favourite shops at the moment which has a magnificent website is ‘Tchibo’* (pronounced ‘Chee-bo’ I believe). I have made several excellent purchases from their online store, including a snowboarding outfit with pockets large enough to offer safe passage across a border, a jolly nice document sorting device I use for university work and a pair of very stylish lamps that illuminate our newly decorated bedroom. Every once in a while I also recieve – via e-mail – a newsletter alerting me that Tchibo has received some new stock. I normally have a look every time this happens to see if I can grab another bargian, although I also enjoy seeing what theme the purchasing and website team have gone for this week – and in the past they have been quite imaginitive….

Last week was an ‘office product’ based page which was nice…..

This week they have really pushed the boat out in their presentation….

Check it out:

I never knew a microfibre mop could be so exciting….!

* other websites selling things that you can buy are also available.

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