The Day of the Frock

The Day of the Frock

Amy August 1, 2007

I have never been particularly body confident, so showing off more than a wrist or ankle on occasions can send me into a cold sweat. Today though, having officially ran out of summery clothes (I managed to put my hand through the material of one summer blouse and burnt a hole in another one) meant that there was only one thing for it.

I had to wear the summer frock.

I must say I am actually feeling slightly panicky already, as sitting at my desk I have noticed from shaving my legs this morning – bleary eyed and standing up in the shower, I have missed random patches, making my uprights look rather like a cat having been prepared for surgey.

The cross-over design at the front has also been causing me some problems having (quite unknown to me) wrapped itself around my seatbelt in the morning rush hour, giving the slip road queue at M4 junction 12 a flash of my M&S’ finest.

The gathered bits at the side also need constant pulling down so the dress sits right on my hips, but this has to be perfectly timed with the pulling up of the top foldy over bit to prevent any further over exposure. I almost gave an elderly gentleman at the public planning counter a heart attack earlier – having gotten this procedure out of sequence.

There are however some benefits to my summer frock – it is keeping me delightfully cool, was far easier to put on than other outfits involving zips and buttons – and I must admit- I am rather partial to its aqua blue/almost greeny colour.

I just don’t think its worth the stress of another visit to the office.

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Amy Catherine Turner: a “frock”?! My dear, its 2007 – you are not one of the Railway Children!!

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