This is (almost) it!

This is (almost) it!

Amy April 17, 2010

This is  (almost) it!

In less than 3 weeks I shall be married.

In less than 3 weeks I shall be wearing a shiny ring, will have probably drank far too much champagne, will have danced my first dance with my betrothed, will have executed on several occasions my ‘wedding smile’ which I have almost perfected now (getting just the right amount of teeth) and will even have a new name.

How weird.

Neil and I have been organising our wedding (although not continuously) for over a year now and all of a sudden it’s almost upon us.

I have to admit to succumbing to a certain amount of bridal stress during this time, for instance when there was a mix up with Groomsman’s ties, and they were made up in an exciting neon green material, when the shipping of my bridesmaid dress was delayed and then arrived, contrary to the photo,sporting sequins (SEQUINS! Seriously, what am I, from Basildon?). I shan’t even go into the drama of having to find an eight and ten year old plain ivory tights in April…I just couldn’t do it to you.

I think my problem is that I do have an element of the ‘perfectionist’ about me and find it slightly difficult to ‘let go’ sometimes. What I keep having to remind myself is to instead concentrate on the important stuff:

  1. I get to see all of my favourite people all at once for a whole day.
  2. There is going to be an opportunity to sing very loudly (I like singing…loudly).
  3. Neil is publically going to give me new jewellery in a church, at an Altar, before the Big Guy and is making lots of promises at the same which definitely must mean I get to keep it. If not he will be struck down for sure.
  4. Not only do I get to wear a new dress but I am allowed to eat food accompanied by gravy whilst wearing it.
  5. There is going to be a raffle. I like those. Particularly when I win the wine.
  6. Neil will have the opportunity to see my Mum throw her (somewhat unusual) shapes on the dance floor and can look forward to a time when I shall be doing exactly the same.
  7. There will be cake. Lots of cake. Thanks be to the person who said ‘where there is matrimony, let there be cake’! I like that person, they should come….
  8. Neil’s South African relatives said it’s traditional to give a Bride and Groom livestock.
  9. There is a honeymoon to look forward to, including a cultural tour on a Segway!
  10. And last but not least (of course) I get to marry Neil who is unreservedly my best friend and is the only person I can imagine wanting to call ‘my husband’ = awesome.

So hang the ribbon that might not be the exact shade of green I had in mind. It probably doesn’t matter either that we don’t have table runners, that I couldn’t find enough candle lanterns for all corners of the patio or that the Groomsman have ended up with Ivory ties.

That’s a wedding, and I’m getting married.

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