Amy February 28, 2008

One thing about where I work is that in the winter it is absolutely freezing!

In the corner of our office we have a thermometer, and next to the thermometer is an official looking piece of paper taped to the wall telling us what extremes of temperature it has to be before we’re allowed to fold away our little foil blankets and go home.

I swear that wretched thermometer is broken.

I regularly sit at my desk in snow gear, supplemented with hat, gloves and slippers and the damn thing reads 21C. We’re almost down to our underwear in the summer – we practically live at the water cooler, and you’ve guessed it – 21C! We’ve complained to the building caretaker people on several occasions, but they merely point at the thermometer….

Damn it.

Here is Helen and I prepared for another day’s work at the Wokingham Planning Department.


Adeline got a load of stickers for Christmas that bring otherwise dull and inanimate objects to life. In our busy and important role as planners however, we never have time to indulge in such childish activities.

monsterphone.JPG stapler.JPG

This is me on a site visit at 13,000ft on top of a mountain in Breckenridge, Colorado!


Yeah, ok so it’s Neil, but as he’s not renowned for updating his blog or Facebook pages, I thought I’d show you what he’s up to these past two weeks! I also feel this picture provides an excellent example of the contrast in our lifestyles at the moment…. but that’s ok…

…… There is always Janet.


3 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Janet is single as far as I know! She’s a bit of a ‘one’ being a ‘tiger’ lily – maybe they could swap numbers? She normally lives near the phone in the office. In fact shae actually belongs to Neil, but I doubt he would mind her having some sort of social life!

  2. Be careful though – I believe Janet is toxic if chewed (don’t ask, it was a long time ago and Janet and I are now at peace).

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