Wedding of the Year

Wedding of the Year

Amy September 17, 2007


As mentioned in my last post, Neil and I were fortunate enough to attended ‘Wedding of the Year 2007′ at the weekend, as Gary and Marie-Claire became lawfully responsible for each other. Admittedly Marie-Claire did look the most nervous at this prospect, but having seen Gary’s outlandish antics (including diving on the lawn in front of the Greek Parliament during our field trip to Athens), this was more than understandable. It was all smiles however once the knot had been tied, and with Inga’s beautiful singing during the service, it was easy to see which guests had had the foresight to wear waterproof mascara (I was not one of them).

After the ceremony it was on to the reception in a beautiful converted barn, decorated to the rafters with fairy lights and candles galore, all of which helped to make the place feel a little bit magic. Neil was also particularly pleased to have found a favourite foodstuff presented as a favour on our tables, although was a little dismayed that the little pot of Essex jam was labelled ’15th September 2007’. Having however realised this was as a momento of the occasion and not the sell by date of the product, he carefully stowed his and my pot away ( am sure I’ll be lucky to see that again….).

Higlights of the day for me had to be the excited anticipation of seeing Marie-Claire appearing at the doors of the Church, the Best Man’s Land Rover Defender dressed in ribbon, the maginificent plethora of outfits worn by attendees including an impressive fleet of kilts and fascinators, and the realisation that – guess what – I was ‘the girl’ who wore the same dress as someone else. Fortunate for me, I knew that someone else, and Steph and I made a point to compliment each other on our outfits throughout the rest of the day (the girl did look stunning).

So I hereby present above the newly married Mr and Mrs Tovey – pictured above of course, although sadly being a guest without crowd negotiating skills, I was only able to capture a side profile of the Wedding Party.

But what lovely noses they all have. 

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